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The Maxwell Financial Management Advantage

Private Access to Your Information

We provide you a private and ultra-secure web portal where you can see all of your investments and data consolidated into one clear picture.


Our experienced advisors have experience in financial planning, investment management, portfolio design, business planning, and executive benefits.

We Don’t Sell. We Serve.

Many advisors are preoccupied with selling you something. We are focused on serving the best interests of our clients—even if it doesn’t contribute to our bottom line.

We Represent the Client, Not a Company.

We don’t have proprietary products that we are required to offer or sell. The products and strategies we offer are based on what is in the best interest of our clients.

We Have Certified Financial PlannerTM Professionals.

Less than 20% of financial advisors in the United States are CFP® professionals1. We have two advisors, Richard Maxwell and Adam Hill, who have the CFP® certification on our team. Find out more about the intense certification process put in place at


Before making any changes, we disclose all advantages and disadvantages of any recommendations, your costs, and our compensation.


The value of having us as your financial planner goes beyond the management of your portfolio. You can rely on us for answers to any of your financial needs. We have an extensive experience in a variety of areas. And if we don’t have the answer, we have a network of professionals and advisors that will.