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Where do I go to view my accounts online?

OneView Directions:
To view your brokerage account(s) and directly held account(s) you go to OneView. In order to access OneView, you first must register. OneView also gives you the ability to view the entire household with one login. Here are the steps involved in setting up OneView:
Step 1: You will receive an investor view online access registration.
Step 2: Click on the URL located in the email.
***Remember the Access Code
Step 3: Complete the four steps of the registration process:
1. SSN & Access code
2. User Agreement
3. Personal Info
4. Review and Submit
Username Requirements:
• Must be between 6 and 20 characters
• May NOT contain the last four digits of your SSN/TIN
• Must be different than previous username
Password Requirements:
• Must contain a minimum of 6 characters

I want paperless statements, confirmations, prospectus’ etc. on my WMP (wealth management platform) accounts, and other FSC brokerage accounts. How do I do that?

eQuipt Directions:
• You can set up paperless by going to eQuipt at
• It will say on the homepage, “Don’t have a login for eQuipt? Sign up here.”
• You will need your social security number and your FSC account number in order to create a new account.

When will tax documents be mailed out?

Tax Documents are mailed out on February 15th.

If I’m turning 70.5 this year, will I get a notice about my RMD (required minimum distribution)?

YES! Every year we review all clients turning 70.5 and make sure to not only calculate the amount you need to take each year, but to get you the proper forms.

If I have questions about my online access (i.e. My password needs to be reset) who should I contact?

If you ever need your password reset or you don’t see an account showing up on OneView, you can reach out to Katie Cook by emailing her at or by calling her direct at 614-431-4345.

Who should I contact if I need to take a distribution?

Anyone in the office can help you, but the main person who deals with distributions is Heather Chill.

You can email her at or call her directly at 614-431-4345.

She can get you the proper paperwork (if needed) and help you with any questions you might have.

Should I contact Maxwell Financial Management when I have a change in my life that is important? (examples: beneficiaries, phone number, email, address, job change, new benefits, etc.)

YES! That is why we are here, so please reach out if you have questions or just need to update your personal information.


Webinar Wednesdays: The second Wednesday, every other month, join one of our wholesalers for a webinar on different financial topics.

Please visit – Events/Webinars to see the webinar schedule and the webinar link information.

End of year contribution reminders: We will send out an email in November about making sure to fund your employer retirement plans, 529’s employer plans, etc. by year end.

IRA/HSA contribution reminders: We will send out a reminder in March that you have
up until tax-day to fund your IRA and Health Savings Account for the previous year.

Still have other questions that were not answered above?

Don’t hesitate to call or email us at any time. We are here to help!