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What Maxwell Financial Management Can Do For You

Financial Planning

  • Guides you to think about areas of your financial life you may have not considered
  • Formalizes your goals and puts them in writing
  • Helps you prioritize your financial opportunities
  • Helps you determine realistic goals
  • Studies possible alternatives that could work towards your goals
  • Prepares a financial plan and/or an investment policy statement for you
  • Suggests creative alternatives that you may not have considered, including a more informed way to claim Social Security
  • Reviews and recommends life insurance policies to protect your family
  • Assists you in setting up a company retirement plan
  • Assists in preparing an estate planning strategies 
  • Reviews your children’s custodial accounts and 529 plans
  • Helps you determine your IRA Required Minimum Distribution
  • Provides reminders about key financial planning data
  • Checks with you before the end of the year to identify any last-minute financial planning needs
  • Guides you on ways to fund health care in retirement


  • Prepares an asset allocation for you for a given level of risk tolerance
  • Stays up to date on changes in the investment world
  • Periodically monitors your investments
  • Reviews your existing IRAs
  • Helps convert investments to lifetime retirement income utilizing insurance based products
  • Suggests alternatives to increase your income during retirement
  • Provides you with objective investment research
  • Provides you with personal investment analysis
  • Determines the risk level of your existing portfolio
  • Helps you consolidate and simplify your investments
  • Provides you with technical, fundamental and quantitative investment analysis
  • Shows you how to access your statements and other information online


  • Suggests alternatives aiming to lower your taxes today and during retirement
  • Repositions investments to take full advantage of tax law provisions
  • Works with your tax and legal advisors to help address your financial goals


  • Monitors changes in your life and family situation
  • Proactively keeps in touch with you
  • Provides referrals to other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys
  • Helps with the community of your family’s financial plans through generations
  • Facilitates the transfer of investments from individual names to trust, or from an owner through to beneficiaries
  • Keeps you on track
  • Identifies your savings shortfalls
  • Develops and monitors a strategy for debt reduction
  • Is a wise sounding board for ideas you are considering

You are under no obligation to use the services of any referrals, and may choose any qualified professional to provide tax, CPA, legal or other professional services. Any referrals and their services are not affiliated with LPL Financial Maxwell Financial Management.

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